Make Amazon Pay All Its Workers

Support the global day of action on May 26!

Amazon is the most powerful corporation in the world, and its CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet. This power and wealth depends entirely on the labor of hundreds of thousands of workers around the world. Workers make the product you buy, package it for you, and deliver it to your doorstep. Workers, not Bezos, make Amazon’s world run.

In return, Amazon workers everywhere face abuse and exploitation. Bezos violates their privacy and dignity, putting them to work in unsafe worksites designed to squeeze as much labor out of them for as little money as possible.

This must end. Around the world, the workers producing Amazon’s profits are standing up to claim their rights and demand fair wages.   

Garment factory workers from Bangladesh to Cambodia demand that Amazon respects their right to organize and pays them the millions in unpaid compensation they are owed. 

Warehouse workers from Alabama to Australia demand that Amazon ceases its union-busting tactics and stops treating them like robots. 

Delivery workers from India to Italy demand that Amazon provides them with regular shifts and decent pay.   

Across its supply chain, Amazon refuses to pay workers the respect and wages they deserve. Loud and clear, Amazon’s producers, distributors, and delivery drivers are telling Jeff Bezos: #PayYourWorkers.

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